Nu°02 Nowa bar degreaser

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One Nu°02 Nowa bar degreaser / 2 refills


Discover the Nu°02 Nowa bar, our new wave degreaser.

Its eco-friendly formulation, made from natural materials, 100% active healthy and biodegradable ingredients, which tends to a zero-waste lifestyle, positions it at the top of the alternatives in housekeeping.

Your diluted Nu°02 Nowa bar degreaser promises the in-depth cleaning of tubs, vanities, and sinks.

Also use it for glass ceramic or for all stubborn household stains. Tested for more than 45,000 hours by our housekeeping teams, its effectiveness has charmed all our employees and customers who can no longer do without.

Fall for the Nu°02 Nowa bar degreaser, your accomplice in eco-friendly cleaning

Each package contains two units of Nu°02 Nowa bar and is available in Pure, Mimosa and Forest fragrance.