3 simple steps

  • présentation de la séparation des morceau de la Nowabar pour la préparation a l'utilisation


    Snap a piece of the Nowa bar (enjoy this little guilty pleasure) and insert one unit into an empty bottle.

  • présentation de l'ajout de la Nowabar dans la bouteille de nettoyage


    Add 500ml of lukewarm water and let the Nowa bar dissolve completely.

  • présentation d'une bouteille de nettoyage avec vaporisateur


    Screw on the vaporizer and mix. Start your cleaning!

As seen

présentation de la Nowabar parfum Mimosa dans son emballage original
un morceau de la Nowabar pret a l'utilisation
présentation du processus de dissolution d'un morceau de la Nowabar pour l'utilisation

Nowa : Simplified bulk

We started working on the Nowa bar project and it materialized in 2020, through wonderful encounters and imposing challenges. Wonderful people have been put on our path, allowing us to climb the ladder to you; from chemists, formulators, mentors to sales, marketing, production and technology teams. Finally, as of 2021, we our proud to say our hard work has paid off! The Nowa bar, the result of a full year of research and development, is ready to be brought on the market. Going through all the challenges that such an innovation presents, we are very proud to showcase and introduce this product to you. 

We are currently carrying out all operations from our head office located in Vaudreuil, a Montreal suburb. We are trying to spark the rise of a new generation of cleaning products. We are ready. Live this experience with us. Join the Nowa bar movement, and contribute to the sustainable development of our collective future.

Over 50,000 hours of professional testing

Our Nowa bar products have been used for the past seven years by our housekeeping teams all across the greater Montreal area!